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Engineering Management

كود البرنامجاسم البرنامج  
1إدارة المشاريع النفطية
2ادارة المشاريع الهندسية
3ادارة المشاريع لمواد المعرفة التسعة وفقا للمقاييس العالمية
4إدارة المشروعات الهندسية
5كتابة التقارير التقنية
6تخطيط ورقابة الإنتاج
7Material Requirements Planning
8Computer Aided Process Planning
9Bids and contracts for engineering projects
10Cost rationalization
11Engineering projects planning and control
12Intellectual assets for engineering organization
13Introduction to decision analysis
14Introduction to simulation and risk analysis
15Management science for engineers
16Managerial and leadership development for engineers
17Materials selection problems with design, manufacturing and assembly procedures
18Time management for engineers
19Total project management
20Risk assessment and management for engineers
21Primavera project management
22Hazard and operability study (HAZOP(
23Database management for engineers
24Project management using MS project
25Production Management
26Lean manufacturing
27Non-destructive testing: fundamentals techniques and applications
28Computerized Production Management
29PMP Certificate