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كود البرنامجاسم البرنامج 
1Devices and fire alarm circuits
2Circuits and electric transformers control systems
3Executive speaking : confident, powerful and impactful
4Tungsten inert gas arc welding (TIG)
5Design, selection and diagnostics of bearings
6Building energy management of HVAC systems
7Advanced cooling load methods and energy management
8Technologies of energy conversion systems
9Fluid power fundamentals & application
10Power plant operation and management
11800 Maintenance failures logical control systems programmed BBC PLCDP
12Marine energy and its uses
13DC electronic circuits
14AC electronic circuits
15Semiconductor fundamentals
16Principles of measurements
17Passive and active electronic components
18DC regulated power supplies
19Digital circuits fundamentals
20Thyristors characteristics & application
21Mathematics for technical calculations
22Basics & applications of electrical transformers
23Operational amplifiers & their application