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كود البرنامجاسم البرنامج 
1Telecommunications fundamentals
2Centimetric microwave systems
3Optical fiber communications
4Modern telecommunication networks
5International roaming
6GSM/UMTS core network fundamentals
7Advanced nodeb training
8Analysis,construction and maintenance of the towers
9BSS and oss fundamentals
10BTS data configuration
11Finance cost calculation for telecom engineers
12Fundamental of 3G
13Fundamentals of product and services road map in mobile network
14GPRS administration,operation and maintenance
15Key performance Indicators in UMTS
16GMS planning & operation and maintenance
17Mobile phones maintenance
18Handset technology
19IMS Technology
20International standard of Telecommunication
21KPI for GSM voice & video
23Mastering UMTS Radio Protocol and signaling
24Mobile core network configuration
25MPLS Technology
26MSC Administration,Operation and maintenance
27MW Planning and network design
28Configuration 1000-NEO, RTN,METRO
29Network Operating and Maintenance
30No deb Operating and Maintenance
31NSS Topology,Planning and Optimization
32Radio Network Planning & management
33RFI, RFP, SLA&KPI for the related infrastructure
34SDH/DWDM/PDH Fundamentals
35Services delivery platform
36Services Gap analysis creation
37Signalling and traffic operation