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كود البرنامجاسم البرنامج 
1Design of modern irrigation systems
2Design of irrigation systems using computers
3Modern methods of plant protection
4Mosquito control and medical significance
5Household insect control and medical significance
6Supervision and management of agricultural enterprises
7Soil reclamation
8Water resources
9Integrated management of water resources and protection from pollution
10Design operation maintenance and management of surface and modern irrigation systems
11Design operation maintenance and management of surface and modern drainage systems
12Groundwater management
13Water and beneficiary participation
14Water policy
15Economics of water
16Desert reclamation
17The future and organic farming
19Water pumps and valves in irrigation systems
20Irrigation scheduling
21Low water use in agriculture
22Fertilization through modern irrigation systems
23Agricultural project management
24The economic feasibility of agricultural projects
25Mechanization administration in various agricultural projects
26The operation and maintenance of tractors and agricultural machinery
27Medicinal and aromatic plants
28Pesticides and their use in agriculture