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كود البرنامجاسم البرنامج 
1Geochemistry of sedimentary basins
2Seismic stratrigraphy and tectonic setting
3Decision analysis for petroleum exploration
4Geophysical project management
5Gravitational and magnetic exploration
6Exploration seismic reflexive and refractive
7Geochemical prospecting and exploration
8Seismic tectonics and seismic mapping compositional
9Seismic engineering and stress tests sites
10Digital air and space images processing fundamentals
11Interpret the electrical and radiological information
12Evaluate the work of gravitational and magnetic process
13Evaluate the process of seismic reflectivity and refractive
14AVO and seismic waveform inversion
15Seismic imaging of subsurface geology
16Advanced remote sensing applications
17Basics of seismic reflection acquisition