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كود البرنامجاسم البرنامج 
1Waste and sewage water treatment
2Design of petroleum pipeline
3Understanding oil & gas facilities
4Liquefied petroleum gas
5Advanced Instrumental analysis in petroleum industry
6Pipeline and oil tanks operation
7Surface treatment for crude oil and water
8Waste management
9Wax and asphalt deposition control
10Surface facilities design using HYSYS
11Water treatment in cooling system
12Water treatment in oil field
13Gas processing design and operation
14Heat transfer and heat exchangers
15Heavy hydrocarbon deposits in surface and subsurface facilities
16Metering system & selection , hydrocarbon measurments
17Natural Gas Dehydration and sweetening
18Petroleum measurement & storage tanks
19Surface facilities for water flooding and salt water disposal
20Fired heaters & heat transfer equiment
22Oil treatment
23Natural gas processing technology
24Process area troubleshooting
25Pressure vessels design ,fabrication ,inspection and repair
26Oil water treatment in the oil and gas fields
27Operating problems in processing and oil field production units
28Gas Liquid Separation
29Natural Gas processing technology
30Gas dehydration processes
31Waste oil water treatment
32Troubleshooting in oil & gas plants
33Surface production operation & production optimization
34Level measurments technologies & automatic tank gauging
35Design of the roof and foundation for petroleum storage tanks
36Gas transportation and design
37Design of flammable liquid storage tanks
38Construction, operation, maintenance of flammable liquids storage tanks
39Typical design operation maintenance & trouble shooting of compressors
40Maintenance management and planning
41Shutdown and turnaround
42Steam boilers
43Gas handling
44Gas turbines
45Oil tank maintenance
46Condensate stabilization
47Liquid and gas flow metering
48Reduce evaporation and purl in the oil depots
49Maintenance and cleaning of oil depots
50Operation of oil vehicles
51Oil piping fluid dynamics